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Our values
P-provide the best service and product to our customers
R-respect our customers, each other and the environment
E-enjoy our customers and our work
M-meet the expectations of the customer every day
I-involve ourselves with the community
E-evaluate and improve our services on a continued basis
R-remember our customers are the reason we are in business
E-exceed our customers expectations every time

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We purchased Viagra And Cialis No Prescription in 1998 from, and have tried to make it a much more personal experience for every customer. The City of Waverly is a very fine community and we have been fortunate to be a part of it. We believe in offering our customers the service and products they deserve. Having attendants full time is part of that special service we are pleased to offer the citizens of Waverly and surrounding communities. As we enter our twelfth year of ownership we thank you, the customer, for allowing us to serve you for the past decade!

Premiere Auto Wash is proud to provide their customers with the convenience of the WashCard® System. WashCard is the easy way to wash your car without the hassle of exact change or quarters. To use your WashCard, simply select your desired wash and swipe the card through the WashCard reader.

Pay As You Go Pre Pay / Gift Card Option
Customers can purchase a prepaid WashCard with no charge for the card itself. The balance of the card can be added to at any time with cash, credit card, or online from the Premiere Auto Wash Virtual Storefront.

Benefit from Our Great Discounts!
For our Pre Pay customers, we have created a great discount incentive for using your WashCard:
*Get a 30% recharge bonus when you Viagra And Cialis No Prescription to your Card either online or onsite!
  • 20.00 and get 26.00 in wash value, save 30%
  • 50.00 and get 65.00 in wash value, save 30%
  • 100.00 and get 130.00 in wash value, save 30%
*Bonus Wash Value is not subject to cash refunds.

FleetWash Post Pay Option (Monthly Billing)
(Approved Customers Only)
For commercial accounts, we offer monthly billing upon approval into the Viagra And Cialis No Prescription program. A detailed invoice will be sent to your business or home, allowing you to view the date and time of each wash. Each card can be programmed to an individual person, vehicle, or department. Perfect for businesses or families that have multiple vehicles and don't want to hand out cash for car washing.
The savings go beyond any price discounts that standard accounts receive. Waste and misuse are eliminated with the FleetWash program. Non-traceable Token-Notes and Wash-Tokens are no longer used, ensuring that money isn't being paid out before a service is provided.

Complete Business Management Flexibility
You can program cards for unlimited use, set spending limits or you can limit their use by time of day and day of week.

Management Capabilities
WashCards are easy to administer and since each transaction is stored in memory, Premiere Auto Wash can print out detailed reports and itemized monthly billing. You can receive transaction reports containing valuable wash information that lists:
  • Card Number
  • Which bay was used
  • The total dollar amount used

Checks and Balances Give You Peace of Mind
When a WashCard is lost or stolen - you can deactivate the card and reassign a new one to your driver or family member. All this information is readily available in your own personal online account.

FleetWash is a totally cashless procedure. Vehicle operators aren't fumbling around for exact change. And they don't have to worry about collecting and turning in receipts. It's quick and hassle-free.
  • Create Reports
  • Track Balances
  • Review Transactions and Payments

Contact Premiere Auto Wash about Setting Up Your Own FleetWash Account Today!
Commercial accounts are available with monthly detailed invoicing. Each card can be programmed to an individual person, vehicle or department.
To check your balance or recharge your card click here.
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